Thursday, 4 October 2012

Colour Me Lilac

My Next Hair Adventure!

After previously having pastel pink dip dye hair, which you can read about here . I have decided to to the same with lilac. Most likely this time I will try and make it a lot lighter, possibly like the first two pictures below. I want more of a subtle look. I have purchased more dye from La Riche Directions range as I was so impressed the last time. Not sure whether I will need to dilute the dye with conditioner this time as I did previously but I will be doing a blog review on my experience when I get around to dying my hair. I have ordered the white toner and the colour lilac. Below are some of my hair inspirations  although I am not brave enough to dye my whole head lilac(would defo clash with most of my wardbrobe..cant have that at all ;D ), I do really like the look of it! my main inspiration for doing this look again is christina Aguilera hair in her new music video. I think her hair/extensions look amaaaaazing! 

Photos from weheartit!

 The style I'm after :) slightly lighter though, fingers crossed!

"I just wanna be myself
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself
and I want you to know, I am my hair as my hair"

Lady GaGa

Thanks For Reading!

Helen xX


  1. These look so pretty! I wish I was brave enough to do it :)!

    Loveee it :)


  2. They do! but Im going for a sort of more faded lilac so I wont be stuck with it forever :) x

  3. ahhh i want lilac hair now! my hair is white blonde so may have a bit of an experiment with it :) nice post x

  4. haha u should :) semi permanent so no commitment :) new follower btws :D x

  5. so many {beautiful} options!
    i wish i could do semi permanent but because my hair is so dark that's not an option!
    following your blog now, looking forward to seeing your transformation!


    1. they really are beautiful <3. aww thanks :D I just hope it doesnt turn my hair a grey purple.. read some horror stories! xx

  6. these are so pretty!wish I was braving enough to switch from my usual brown ha x

    1. they are :) people with dark hair could buy bleach blonde hair wefts and dye them their desired colour or buy pre coloured ones too I guess, save damaging your own hair :) x

  7. Wowww! I saw a girl the other day with a really pale light blue/grey wash colour absolutely love it! My hair is already so dead so I wouldn't attempt it but I wish I could!! Love your blog- me and my flatmate are always baking ! I am new to blogging please take a look!

  8. yeah i really like the look of it but dont think i would do my whole head. Im just letting my hair grow out a little then i am gonna attempt it :) awh cool! i will do x

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