Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Treat: Mini Egg & Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Super sugary, sweet soft chewie cookie with crushed mini eggs half dipped in chocolate. The perfect easter treat.. Lets go!

What You Will Need :

40g Caster Sugar
40g Dark Brown Sugar
75g Butter or Margarine
130g Self Raising Flour
2tbsp Syrup
1 Bag Mini Eggs
Splash Vanilla Essence
Melted Chocolate

Preheat oven to 190 degrees.

First of all, mix together the caster sugar, brown sugar and butter until smooth and creamy.

Add syrup and vanilla essence and stir in.

Put the mini eggs in a bag and crush them with a wooden spoon (some elbow grease is required here, they are pretty hard)

Add them to mix

Sieve 130g of self raising flour and add to the mix.

Stir in flour with wooden spoon.

Next  roll balls of the dough and place onto greased baking tray, no need to flatten as they will do so on there own.

Leave plenty of space between each cookie as they will expand.

Cookies should be left in the oven for between 8-12 mins I usually check the cookies at around 10 minutes and usually they are okay. The cookies will feel soft at first but they will firm up whilst they cool.

Next melt some chocolate in the microwave, I used Cadbury Dairy milk and dip the cookie in, You can use a knife to spread and then pour on some sprinkles before it sets :)

Hope everyone has a nice Easter. I have a tonne of eggs and malteaster bunnies to keep me occupied :D

Happy Baking!
Helen xX

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Birthday.... To My Blog!

It has officially been 1 year since I started my little blog and I didn't want to not let it go by without a wee mention. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that has stopped by and an even bigger thank you for anyone that has taken the time to follow or leave a comment. I appreciate each and every one <3 I will continue to post in the future. Right now I will have to put my college work first as I missed over a month of college and need to catch up and prepare for  2 exams etc but I will be back soon enough! I have some recipes I want to try out and a whole lot of beauty related nonsense to share :). So much has changed since last year, unbelievably..but gotta keep going!

Images (Tumblr)

Helen xX