Thursday, 18 October 2012

Paul's Boutique Polly Padlock Bag

The Polly Padlock Bag by Paul's Boutique..also known as the love of my life ahah I think this is the most favourite bag I have ever owned :D I got it for my 21st of my parents a few weeks ago and I am in loooooove. Its made out of really good quality material, beautifully lined and comes with a nice embellished logo and charms. Its a good size too, which is essential for me as I tend to carry everything with me for those "just incase" moments ;D Just thought I would share a few pics :) If you would like to purchase this bag click here

Thanks for reading!

Helen xX


  1. This bag is GORGEOUS!!! I think I have just fallen in love a little bit!


    1. I adore it but recently I broke the zip :( will need to get it fixed. I miss using it xx


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