Saturday, 18 August 2012


As you know I have been sooooo bad at updating my blog, but today I finally have a full day to myself so I am going to spend it writing up new posts and uploading photos I took ages ago. These items are from the end of May.. oopsies! Not that I dont enjoy blogging, I love it! I love stumbling across new blogs to follow, but I think its just that I prefer reading other peoples than I do making them; they can be quite time consuming and I am having difficulties arranging my pictures :/ But i do log on everyday and I keep up to date with posts from everyone I follow. I really admire the hard work and dedication that you all put in, esp seeing as there are a lot of people that upload a new post nearly every day.. I might reach that stage at some point, heres hoping! Anyways I want to share some purchases from New Look and ELF :)

First up, I' bought this gorgeous envelope clutch bag! Ive noticed quite a few bloggers have it and that is sort of what inspired me to get it. I'm in love with the neon pink, gold  and nude colour scheme. Its really great for a night out as it is quite big, so can carry a lot of things. I tend to bring the kitchen sink with me when i go out..haha. I love that it can be used with or without the chain strap, I tend to use it with as I am worried i will put it down somewhere and forget about it..pretty standard for me. I think it was around £17.99 at the most.

These wedge shoe boots are from New Look. I ordered them online so I didnt realise how high they are. Id say just over 5 inches maybe. I was wanting something not so high as i have tonnes of heels and I am quite tall as it is. I absolutely adore how they look but they are so painful after about an hour, so not very practical. I think i should have probably got a bigger size. Its a shame as I really like the style. They only cost £24.99 so were a bargain. LOVE new look heels, so much variety! :)


I am in love with ELF. They are so reasonably priced and always have some sort of discount offer so a few months ago I spied this eye shadow pallete and ended up getting a few wee other things. This probably being the least I've bought from elf EVER! But Ive made up for it now, purchased some more non essentials a few weeks ago;D

My everyday eye make up look consists of browns, golds and neutral colours so when I saw this palette for only £6 I bought it straight away. I know from previous purchases that elf eyeshadows are of high quality and are very pigmented and I was not disappointed, The pallete comes with TWELVE amazing quality eyeshadows in very wearable colours. I've been dreaming of purchasing the urban decay naked pallete for so long but right now I cannot justify spending over 30 quid on eyeshadows.. so for any girls on a budget Id say this was quite a good dupe. The palette comes in other colour schemes this one is called " natural eye" and I also own the "smokey eyes" and I have hit pan on most of them.  The Blush is in the colour "pink passion" it is the ultimate barbie pink colour. The blush is not overly shimmery so it is perfect for everyday use and as it is highly pigmented a little will go a long way so will last for ages and at £3.50 (when I bought it) is a bargain. Think they have slightly increased the prices now, but not by much :) 

Finally, Thee best false eyelashes in the whole world! I buy these repeatedly because they are just so good. The ones I bought are "dramatic" in black. Iwouldnt necessarily say they were dramatic at all they are actually quite natural and so easy to blend with your own lashes as they have a thin strip, this also makes the gluing application easier as they stay on your lashline more easily. I dont use the glue that comes with it so I am unable to say whether that is any good or not. I tend to use Eyelure glue which you can buy on its own for around £2.99 for a reasonably sized tub. Oh, and at £1.50 for the lashes you really cannot go wrong esps they can be re-used if taken care off. The blending brush was also £1.50 and is fantastic for blending any harsh eyshadows. It has really soft bristles and doesnt shed at all. Highly recommend elf brushes, do not let the low price put you off at all.

Thanks for reading!

Helen xX

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